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  Slideshow Deadlines

Take Notice: All pictures sent must be postmarked prior to the deadline. All photos will also be accepted far in advance to the deadlines if so desired.


Chapter Activity Slideshow (FLW) – October 20, 2004. We are looking for photos of your chapter activity so far this year. NLC and FDM photos are highly recommended.


State Scenery Slideshow (SLC) – December 23, 2004. State Officers and Chapters should send pictures of scenery in their towns/districts prior to or (postmarked) on this date. The state officer that sends in the most pictures will receive an award. Examples of scenery are highway road signs saying “Welcome to ____” or a school sign or a photo of a popular landmark in your area.


Chapter Activities Slideshow (SLC)February 1, 2005. Photos will be collected throughout the year but chapters/officers/members must take notice of the deadline. Photos of chapters and members are best and a large variety will be accepted. We are looking for pictures that show activities that your chapter has been doing in FBLA.


Advisor’s Slideshow (SLC) – December 23, 2004. Members and officers should send pictures of their advisers so that they can be put in the Adviser Slideshow at the SLC. There will be a random drawing on stage at the SLC for a currently unnamed prize. Each picture sent in for an adviser increases the chance of the adviser winning.


State Officer Farewell (SLC) – December 23, 2004. While the State Officers are walking to the stage and their pre-recorded speeches are being heard, pictures of the officers in the past will be shown on the large screens to the audience. Officers should submit at the most three pictures. It is highly recommended that officers submit photos of themselves when they were young rather than more recent pictures, i.e. senior photo.


State Officer Slideshow (SLC)December 23, 2004. At some point during the SLC, a slideshow for the State officers will be shown. Officers should submit photos of themselves and each other prior to this date. I already have many photos of many of you from past conferences, but you should still send them in.


Take Notice: All pictures should be sent by mail. Either send them by storing photos on CD as a .JPG file or send the photos as they are and they will be scanned in.

All pictures should be sent to:

                                TOMMY FIJACKO
                                NYS HISTORIAN
                                62 MOHEGAN ROAD
                                LARCHMONT, NY 10538