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From creating the state newsletter to presiding over your district and state conferences, your State Officers are future business leaders in every sense of the term. Elected at the State Leadership Conference for one-year terms (or appointed, in the case of the parliamentarian), the New York State FBLA Officer Team has worked long and hard both at the August State Officer Training at Kutsher's Country Club and afterwards, using their leadership skills to guide NYSFBLA to success. While the application, test and campaign processes for State Office are rigorous and the duties expected of officers are numerous, the experiences and friendships that result leave many officers calling their terms in office one of the most amazing influences on their lives.

Students interested in running for state office are strongly encouraged to pick up application information from their advisors or print it online.

Applications for State Office are due on or before December 15th.
New! 2004-2005 State Office Candidate Information:

State Officer Candidate Letter to Advisors
State Officer Candidate Duties List
State Officer Candidate Guidelines and Procedures for Campaigns
State Officer Candidate Application Packet

Without any further adieu, here is your New York State FBLA Officer Team!

RJ Shevat,
Cobleskill-RichmondVille High School
E-mail Address:


Dear Members and Advisors:

On behalf of the New York State Association of the Future Business Leaders of America, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the 2004-2005 year!  For those of you who don’t know who I am, my name is RJ Shevat, and I am a senior at Cobleskill-Richmondville High School.  Presently, I am involved in a number of activities in addition to FBLA.  I am a three-sport athlete, participating in Varsity Golf, Varsity Basketball and Varsity Baseball.  I am also a member of National Honor Society, and a Boy Scout, where I hold the highest rank of Eagle Scout.

With the hard work and dedication that each of your state officers possess, our state association this past summer developed several goals at Kutcher’s Country Club that will lead New York State FBLA throughout the year.  At this extensive leadership training, we successfully established the Program of Work and five different state committees to fulfill each goal:  Community Service, Spirit and Unity, Membership, Public Relations, and our new committee, Grant Writing.  In addition to our five committees, the Program of Work also includes our state charity, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and our state theme, Piecing the Puzzle of Success.

It is my honor to be leading and guiding New York State FBLA throughout the 2004-2005 year.  Through the efforts of the State Officer Team and the Board of Trustees, I am truly confident that this year will be successful.  I believe that all the members throughout New York State, in all Districts, will provide the amount of time and energy needed to make this year outstanding by Piecing the Puzzle of Success!




RJ Shevat

New York State President

this office is vacant for the 2004-2005 year

This Office Is Vacant for the 2004-2005 Year

Benjamin Cole
Jericho High School
E-mail Address:

Hello, my name is Benjamin Cole and it will be my privilege to serve as the State Vice President for District 1N this year.  I will be a junior at East Meadow High School on Long Island this year and this will be my third year in FBLA.  I’ve lived in East Meadow for nearly seven years, before which I lived in Queens.  After college, I hope to enter the business world and work my way up to become the Chief Executive of a multinational corporation.

My major goal for the state this year is to increase communication between the state organization and the chapters.  I have seen my work experience and my experience in FBLA that communication is absolutely vital for the success of any organization.  I have already started assembling a database of the contact information of all the chapter presidents in my district.  When school year begins, I intend to keep in continual contact with them so that I can better help my chapters with their events and activities.  I eagerly look forward to developing a strong working relationship with all of you this year.  With your support, I know that this year’s officer team can lead, achieve and success once more.

This office is vacant for the 2002-2003 FBLA year.
E-mail Address:

Jonathon Conlon,
Clarkstown South High School
E-mail Address:

     Exciting…challenging…successful: the three adjectives I hope will define this year for District 3S.  Speaking of definitions, let me define myself for you right now.  If you looked up Jon Conlon in Webster’s Dictionary, you would find that I am this year’s State Vice President for our district.  You would also learn that I am going into my senior year at Clarkstown South High School.  I have two brothers: James and Jake.  I guess you could say my parents had a thing for the letter J!

        I am the editor of our school’s newspaper and yearbook, and am an active member of the National Honor Society and Mu Alpha Theta.  But the word that truly defines me is FBLA.  I joined FBLA as a freshman, and that was the best decision of my high school career.  FBLA has provided me with an outlet to hone my leadership skills and become a more successful individual. 

        Let’s define something else now: my goals for our district this year.  As State Vice President, I plan on increasing communication within our district, recruiting new chapters, promoting the professional division, and implementing the state program of work. 

So get ready for a great year, District 3S!  I am confident that by the close of this FBLA year, we will be able to define our district as one of the most successful in the state!

Alan Coombe,
Tri-Valley High School
E-mail Address:


         Hello New York State FBLA!  My name is Alan Coombe and I am your District 3N Vice President.  I am a senior in Tri-Valley High School.  I play football, basketball, and golf.  My hobbies include snowboarding fishing, and bowling.  2004-2005 is going to be my 4th year as an FBLA member and I have competed at the State level all 3 years previous.  I competed in the Team Parliamentary Procedure event 2 years and placed 3rd both times as well as have taken the Accounting II test. 
This upcoming year is going to be extremely exciting.  I look forward to working with you at the conferences.  District 3N, I am planning on having a good time at the Fall District Meeting with you October 8.  It is going to be an entertaining as well as educational day of events. 
            I foresee this year being extraordinary raising money for our state charity; the Leukemia and Lymphoma society.  Also, there are many outstanding opportunities for projects with the new state theme:  “Piecing the Puzzle of Success”.  I can already picture a few creative Chapter Business Displays at the SLC.  I am looking forward to the Fall Leadership Workshop in Buffalo.  I will be participating in a workshop and hope to see many New Yorkers there.  Make sure to say Hi when you see me around in the various conferences. 

Jackie Deschamps,
Cobleskill-Richmondville High School
E-mail Address: 

Greetings District IV! My name is Jackie Deschamps and I am your 2004-2005 State Vice President of District IV. I am honored to be serving such a hard working and dedicated district for the upcoming year. This year’s state officer team has several unique and exciting opportunities for you, the members, to enjoy. However, we will need all of your hard work and determination to make this year the best New York State has ever seen.

There are also many unique qualities about me that I wish to share with you. I am a 17-year-old senior at Cobleskill-Richmondville High School. I have many interests, and participate in many activities. I am a member of Varsity Volleyball, Select Choir, Choral/ Drama Club, Choir, Band, Orchestra, Chess Club, FBLA, Varsity Club, and the secretary of the CRCS chapter of National Honor Society. I also enjoy spending time with my friends and playing leisure sports such as badminton and croquet.

This year, New York State has numerous committees to reach its many goals. As Vice-Chairman of the Spirit and Unity Committee, I know that each one of you will want to participate in the fun activities we have planned for you. This year’s Fall District Meeting will take place on October 8, 2004 at Mildred Elley Business College. Please don’t ever hesitate to say “hi”, and if you have any questions please feel free to email me at I hope to see you all at the Fall District Meeting as we begin this new and exciting year as New York State FBLA.



Jackie Deschamps
State Vice President of District 4


This Office Is Vacant for the 2004-2005 Year 

This Office Is Vacant for the 2004-2005 FBLA Year 

Aaron Tomarchio,
Canasota High School 
E-mail Address:


Greetings NYS FBLA,

            After a series of State Historians from my school I will have the prestigious task of being the first District Vice President our school has ever had. This year, I will be serving as District Seven’s Vice President and it will be my pleasure and duty to carry out the responsibilities and tasks that will assure the sustainability of the district’s FBLA program. In addition to the tasks at hand I will endeavor to take on extra actions and projects that will make District Seven a more productive and enjoyable place to work and learn.

            On a more personal level, I am seventeen year-old senior attending Canastota High School, home of the International Boxing Hall of fame, which doesn’t do much for our quaint town’s tourism rate. School is the primary responsibility and time-consuming agent in my life as of now. I believe in the old adage that “knowledge in power,” an d from that you could surmise that I am power-hungry. Outside of my school-life, since there is little or nothing to do in my town (Wal-Mart is exciting), I enjoy playing volleyball, soccer, and doing spontaneous, random things with my friends.

            As I assume the responsibilities and requirements that I have come to, I hope that this year, our year, will be the most productive, exciting, and fulfilling year FBLA has ever seen.

This office is vacant for the 2004-2005 FBLA year.

Arti Patel,
G. Ray Bodley High School
E-mail Address:

Hello New York State and District 9. I am honored to be serving as the 2004-2005 State Vice President for District 9. I am extremely excited about the upcoming year, as the State Officer team has an excellent program of work to implement for the year.

At this time I would like to introduce myself. I am a senior at G.Ray Bodley High School in Fulton, NY. Though FBLA has become a vital priority of my life, I am also involved in several extracurricular activities such as playing on the
Varsity tennis and Varsity bowling teams. I was recently elected as President of Bodley Student Senate and recently inducted into the National Honor Society and am the acting president of the Science club. I also volunteer at the A. L Lee Memorial hospital as well as dance with the Norma Broderick dance studio. 

I look forward to this year and I would like to wish you the best of luck for the 2004-2005 school year, and I hope that you will join the State Officer team, as we are “Piecing the Puzzle of Success” together! 

Jared Westfall,
Brighton High School
E-mail Address:


Hello New York State FBLA! My name is Jared Westfall and it is my pleasure to be your 2004-2005 New York State District 10 Vice President.

This year I am a junior at Brighton High School in Rochester, NY.  At Brighton I am a very active student.  I am a center and linebacker for the Varsity football team.  When I am not playing football I attend Democrat Club and FBLA meetings.  I have also been an annual Ski club member since seventh grade.  I also enjoy hanging out with friends, going to the movies and working out.

New York State and District 10 have great things coming, but it comes with hard work.  This year my main goal is to increase the membership of District 10, but I cannot do this without the help of the current members of District 10.  My second goal is to increase communication throughout the chapters.  I plan on doing this by having bi-weekly chapter president meetings.  I also plan on attending AT LEAST 1 chapter meeting for every chapter in District 10.  I feel this year will be a great year for both NYS FBLA and District 10 as we are “Piecing the Puzzle of Success” together!

District 10 Vice President

Jared Westfall



This Office Is Vacant for the 2004-2005 Year

Adam Korn,
Williamsville East High School
E-mail Address:


As the newly elected State Vice President from District 12, I introduce myself to you with enthusiasm. Over the next year, I hope to prove to you that I am a hard working and determined person. Together we can live up to and go beyond the very high standards of New York State FBLA.

I am currently an honors student at Williamsville East High School, which is in a suburb located outside of Buffalo. I am involved in many extracurricular activities. I especially enjoy working on service projects that help people who are less fortunate than myself. I volunteer at local hospitals and soup kitchens. I am on varsity track and on the travel ski racing team. I like hanging out with my friends and I love classical rock.

I am interested in working closely with my local chapters to make NYS FBLA a bigger and better organization. Generating new ideas as well as listening to the ideas of others is high on my list of priorities. I hope to induct new chapters into our district this year. This year’s Fall District Meeting is going to be amazing and details will be forthcoming soon. I hope to see you all at this meeting.

Going beyond what is expected is a sure way to reach success. That is exactly what I plan on doing as we work together “Piecing the Puzzle of Success.” 

Yours truly,

Adam Korn

State Vice President, District 12


Josh Wallace,
Clymer High School
E-mail Address:

Howdy NYS! It is exciting for me to introduce myself to you as the newly elected State Vice President for District 13! I am currently attending Clymer Central School as a sophomore, and I have been an active member in FBLA since the sixth grade making this my 5th year in FBLA.

            I have several goals for District 13 this year, and I know that we can attain them with all of the hard work and dedication that is currently present in our wonderful district. First, since District 13 has very few members, I feel that the most important action that can be taken is to recruit as many new members as possible. My second goal for the year is to have two district socials to allow members to interact with each other outside a competitive atmosphere.

            I am confident that District 13, as well as New York State FBLA, can overcome any obstacle and that is presented to us as we are “Piecing the Puzzle of Success.”

Josh Wallace



Kevin Hornbeck
High School
E-mail Address:


Hello, New York State FBLA.  I’m Kevin Hornbeck, the 2004-2005 State Secretary.  I believe that by letting you all know more about myself, we will work together much more easily.  I recently turned 17 and live in Neversink, New York.  Neversink is a very small country town where most of my time is spent outdoors.  I enjoy hunting, fishing, biking, hiking, and playing paintball during my free time.  I mostly listen to classic rock or punk rock, but I do like some country every now and then.  I attend school at Tri-Valley Secondary School, and some of my other school activities include football in which I am a linebacker, defensive back and a team captain.  Along with football I run track and am in several choral groups.  I most recently participated in the drama department’s spring production of “Guys and Dolls,” in which I was Sky Masterson.

My family is very important to me.  I have a thirteen year old sister, Shannon-Rose, and two loving parents.  They have always been here for me and I owe them a lot.

I see a great year ahead of us all.  It’s going to be full of hard work, but it is well worth it.  I think this year is going to be one of the best New York State FBLA has ever had.  We have many intelligent, creative people in our membership who have a lot to offer this state.  This year we should push our limits and think outside of the box to help NYS FBLA prosper and move up to all new heights.  I am very excited to work on the state officer team this year and I know that if we all work together, many great things can be done.


Matt Neuringer,
Carnel High School
E-mail Address:

Welcome NYS FBLA to the 2004-2005 school year, it is with my greatest honor and privilege to be serving as your New York State Reporter.  As a leader of New York State I plan on leading our state to one of its most successful and productive years ever.  As the chair of the publicity committee I plan to increase exposure of NYS FBLA to communities through out the state through newspaper, radio and web publicity.  My committee has also devised a program of work that will generate great support from the business community.  We will be using all funds raised through our state support campaign to help increase the quality and quantity of our state express.  As your state Reporter I plan on creating 5 state newsletters that will be out on time and to the highest quality possible.  

Outside of FBLA, I am an active member of my school newspaper, mock trial team, and young republicans.  I also have the privilege of interning at a Smith Barney office in my hometown of Carmel.  I will be a senior this year at Carmel High School, and since this will be my final year I plan to go out by making a true difference for the membership of NYS.  I look forward to serving this year as a member of your state officer team, and will work to my utmost potential to bring to you the greatest year New York State FBLA has ever seen.    But, without you the members we cannot go far, so please join me as begin “Piecing the Puzzle of Success.”

Matt Neuringer
New York State Reporter & Webmaster

Tommy Fijacko
Mammaroneck High School
E-mail Address:

I am absolutely honored to be your state Historian this year and I am sure that it will be a year full of new innovations and prosperity.

  I come from Mamaroneck High School, home of the Tigers, where I will be entering my Junior year. There, I enjoy studying History, which is one of my passions as are Politics and Government. Besides FBLA, I’m involved in the performing arts program at my school as well as the debate club. I am currently my FBLA chapter President and am entering my third year in this great organization 

  As Historian, I have many duties and goals ahead of me, one of which is to make certain that every chapter is included in the slideshows. So I encourage every single chapter to send photographs of their chapter activity.

  I look forward to meeting as many of you, the members, at the conferences as possible. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to expand the possibilities of this organization. Good luck to everyone this year as we “Piece the puzzle of success!”






Tommy Fijacko
NYS Historian


Steve Calebrese,
Carmel High School
E-mail Address:


Greetings New York State FBLA, my name is Steven Calebrese and I will be serving as your State Parliamentarian for the 2004-2005 year.  In addition to insuring the proper use of parliamentary procedure at meetings, I also have the job of serving as the Community Service Committee Chair.

I am also serving as a local chapter officer at Carmel High School.  I will be entering my senior year, focusing on the subjects of math and science.  I first joined FBLA in the middle school, but didn’t get a real feel for it until I was a freshman in high school.  Other activities I enjoy outside of FBLA are the Chess Club, the National Honor Society, running track, playing recreation baseball, and being a member of the Boy Scouts of America.  In my free time I usually hang out with my friends, or jam with my band.  I am currently living with my mom, dad, and best friend, and my brother is attending Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, a college I hope to be attending after graduation.

I look forward to meeting many of you at your Fall District Meeting, and many more of you at the FLW/NFLC.  Please feel free to contact me at I am always delighted to assist any way I can.  I hope you all enjoy another great year as we work together in “Piecing the Puzzle of Success.”



Steven Calebrese

New York State Parliamentarian


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