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Dues for student membership in New York State FBLA are $6 a member, and members must also be members in FBLA-PBL, Inc. Please send state dues directly to:
FULTON, NY 13069

FBLA-PBL, Inc. is financed by membership dues, conference fees, corporate contributions and grants. Dues for student membership in FBLA-PBL, Inc. are $6 a members.

Your net cost for student membership in FBLA will be at least $12 dollars combined between the state and national levels. Some schools pay or subsidize these dues for their members, while others charge their members these dues directly. Still other schools may charge an additional, local chapter fee, increasing the cost of membership. Therefore, the cost of membership varies with each chapter and members should talk with their local chapter advisors to find out exact costs.

Phi Beta Lambda Dues>>

>>State: $?, National: $10

Middle Level Dues>>

>>State: $6, National: $4
Professional Division Membership Dues>>

>>National: $23 ($5 returned to state)

Advisor Dues

>>State: None!, National: None!