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You may download information about all of our competitive events in a single   here:
New York State Competitive Event Guidelines 09/2001 (Full - 121 pages)

The file has been broken down into its component parts for your convenience as well.
If there are any concerns with the accuracy or quality of this Internet edition, please
notify the webmaster.

General Information>>

Table of Contents 09/2001
Program Description 09/2001
Summary 09/2001
Event Chart 09/2001
Formatting Guide 09/2001

Chapter Events>>

American Enterprise Project
Businessperson of the Year
Chapter Business Display
Chapter of the Year
Community Service Project
Largest Local Chapter Membership
Local Chapter Annual Business Report
Outstanding Local Advisor Award
Outstanding New Chapter
Partnership With Business Project

Team Events>>

Desktop Publishing
Emerging Business Issues
Entrepreneurship - Team
Network Design
Parliamentary Procedure - Team
Website Development

Individual or Team Events>>

Accounting I
Accounting II
Business Analysis / Business Computer Applications
Business Calculations
Business Communication
Basic Decision Making
Banking and Financial Systems
Business Law
Business Math
Business Ownership and Marketing
Business Plan Project
Business Procedures
Computer Applications
Computer Concepts
Entrepreneurship - Individual
FBLA Principles and Procedures
International Business
Impromptu Speaking
Introduction to Business
Introduction to Business Communication
Introduction to Occupations
Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure
Job Interview
Mr. / Ms. Future Business Leader
Multimedia Presentation
Networking Concepts
Outstanding New FBLA Member - Grades 7, 8, 9
Parliamentary Procedure - Individual
Public Speaking I
Public Speaking II
Technology Concepts
Word Processing I
Word Processing II
Who's Who In FBLA

Mission Statement>>

>>The mission of the National Awards Program (NAP) is to prepare students for successful careers in business through support for curriculum development and innovative assessment tools. To help meet that charge, the competitive events series has been developed and made available to local and state chapters for use in assessing students in the various knowledge, skills, and abilities that make up todayís business education curriculum.

Program Design and Purposes>>

>>The Competitive Events Series exemplifies the range of activities and focus of FBLA-PBL, Inc. These events are based on projects developed from the goals of FBLA-PBL and the curricula of business education programs. FBLA-PBL is committed to facilitating the transition of its members from their educational development into their career path. The competitive events program plays a central role in delivering on this commitment. The program allows members to demonstrate and validate their mastery of essential business concepts, skills, and knowledge. In addition, members participating in this program will:
>>demonstrate their career competencies, business knowledge, and job-related skills;
>>expand their leadership skills;
>>demonstrate their competitive spirit; and
>>receive recognition for their achievements.

>>The FBLA-PBL competitive events program is designed to correlate with nationally recognized
business curriculum standards. For instance, members participating in competitive events demonstrate their mastery of the Foundation Skills and Competencies outlined by the SCANS Workplace Skills Standards.
>>Systems skills: understanding systems, monitoring and correcting system performance, and improving and designing systems
>>Technology utilization skills: selecting technology, applying technology to a task, and maintaining and troubleshooting technology.

>>Finally, the FBLA-PBL competitive events have been fully correlated against the Business Education Curriculum Standards published by the National Business Education Association. Each eventís guideline pages indicate the specific NBEA standard(s) that the event addresses.

You may download information about all national competitive events in a single   here:

FBLA National Awards Program Competitive Events 2002-2003 (Full - 74 pages)